Company Formation in Panama

With liberal financial laws and benefits, Panama has been a centre of interest for businessmen around the world. Being a transcontinental country it not only connects the North and the South Americas but also their trade and hence offers a wide range of benefits upon company establishment in Panama. If you are planning to set up a company in Panama, then Wembley Businessmen is the best solution as we are experienced and have the required expertise to help you establish a firm or company in Panama in a smooth manner.

Company formation in Panama is associated with a very few regulations. Once an applicant receives approval for the proposed company name and submits the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the company doesn’t take more than a week to get established. Depending on niche and structure of the company, there are a wide range of available suffixes and there isn’t any language restriction in Panama.

A corporation in Panama requires three directors, who may or may not have residency. Besides that, the corporations also need at least one shareholder. The personal information of the shareholder is neither asked for nor is it not recorded in any form. A notary public is required to be hired for the completion of paperwork, and the applicant is required to have a registered office in country. There is no such fee on translation of Articles of Incorporation but an annual fee for business renewal is charged. Unique to Panama, it offers an option of ready-made company to foreigners interested in establishing a company in Panama.

Company formation in Panama

  • 100% Exemption from corporate and income tax
  • Filing financial statements is not required
  • The level of corporate confidentiality is high
  • Holding corporate meetings is not required
  • No restrictions on foreign capital or currency
  • Affordable business registration and maintenance fees

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