Is this Visa right for You and Your Family?

Is this Visa right for You and Your Family?

The sole representative visa is designed to allow foreign national companies, which have not yet set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK, by sending one of their senior representative to start-up their first commercial presence in the UK.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the previously practiced Tier-1 Business Entrepreneur Visa, which required a minimum investment sum of £ 200,000 or above, the sole representative visa does not have a minimum investment threshold.

No matter, you are working at a senior position or a self-employed individual, this visa is specifically targeted towards small and medium-sized enterprises, who may not necessarily have a lot of capital to invest there in UK. These businesses can be, a construction company, a real-estate company, a manufacturing unit or any type of business related to any product or services, operating outside the United Kingdom.

This visa category is perfect for those who wish to test how their company will perform and grow in the UK market and provides certain exemptions to criteria needed in other visa categories. For example, there is No set number of employees, you must recruit for your company. There is No specific minimum investment required to show.

Even the individual chosen by the overseas business to become its sole representative is allowed to both set-up and run the UK branch or subsidiary, alone or by recruiting local support staff.

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