Maid Visa

Maid Visa

To sponsor a housemaid to UAE, one requires to have a UAE residency visa. The sponsor is required to obtain an entry permit/employment visa to sponsor the maid’s entry in the UAE. Once this step is over, then an application for a residence visa could be filed before the DNRD. It will issue all the relevant permits such as residence visa, labour card, and labour contract for the housemaid.

Documents required for maid visa

  • Salary certificate of the sponsor and labour contract
  • Sponsor tenancy agreement
  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the maid’s passport
  • Passport photos of the maid
  • Affidavit

Other Types of Visas

  • Transit Visa

This visa is needed when you are required to fly through UAE on your trip. There are basically two types of transit visas that are issued by the UAE government.

  1. Valid for 48 hours
  2. Valid for 96 hours

This visa can be obtained at Dubai International Airport or at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

  • Visit Visa

This visa is issued for visiting friends or family members living in the United Arab Emirates. It requires a friend or family living in UAE to sponsor the applicant’s travel visa. It could be applied at any GDRFA office in the Emirate of residence and the process may take a few days.

  • Service Visa

This visa is issued to those individuals who have some business in UAE for up to 14 days. It requires confirmed return tickets or tickets to some other country on Emirates airlines.

  • eVisa

Visitors can apply and get a visa only which upon approval, is sent to the applicant’s registered email. UAE nationals, expatriate residents in UAE, GCC nationals living in the United Arab Emirates or residents of GCC and Visitors are eligible to apply for entry visas for themselves, families, friends, and relatives and for their workers as well.

  • Student Visa

This visa is basically to facilitate aspiring students to come to UAE and study in various colleges and universities. This visa is valid for one year and could be renewed by furnishing proof that the applicant will be continuing education. Another kind of student visa has been introduced since November 2018, which has its validity for five years.

  • Medical Visa

This permit is for those foreign patients and their companions who are required to visit Dubai for treatment. It has to be sponsored by a medical facility or a hospital where the patient would be getting his or her treatment. There are basically two types of medical permit:

  1. Permission for a stay of 90 days.
  2. Permission for a stay of 60 days

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