Attestation Services

Attestation Services

All legal and commercial procedures are based on specific documents that are released or verified by the government authorities. These documents are highly essential as they are required for the completion of various processes involving permissions, registrations etc. These could be any relevant document like visa, trade license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, educational certificates, etc. In general, only copies of such documents are required but for the process of verification such documents are required to be attested by a competent authority who may vary from case to case. Hence getting documents could be full of hassles and simultaneously procedural knowledge is also required.

In such circumstances, an experienced and reputed consultancy firm can play a constructive role to reduce the burden on your shoulder and get the attestation work done in the shortest possible time. Wembley Businessmen, one of the best consultancy firms in Dubai is well aware of the complete process of attestation and have links in all government departments, making it easier for its clients to get their documents attested without any hassle and delay.

Why should you choose Wembley Businessmen?

We provide our service in all types of trade and legal matters in Dubai and other parts of UAE. An essential service that we have been providing to our esteemed clients for years is attestation of all types of documents from various government departments. It is easier and quicker for us due to our experience and reputation in various government departments like:

  • Dubai Municipality
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Labour

To complete the attestation process conveniently, quickly and without any hassle, Wembley Businessmen has a dedicated PRO services team which strives to provide attestation services from various ministries and government departments while ensuring utmost satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

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