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Opening a corporate bank account when setting up a business in the UAE is one of the most crucial steps. Hence, we provide the best bank account assistance for you. The opening of bank accounts in Dubai is our area of expertise. Though we can’t promise that the bank will allow commercial bank account opening for each client, we can significantly improve the success rate by applying our specialized knowledge.

With a one-stop destination for all your needs, Wembley is well known for providing high levels of client satisfaction. We provide the ideal balance of service, affordability, and quality with no additional fees. So that you may choose wisely, we give you accurate and frank information regarding delivery dates, services, and costs.

How can we help?

For non-residents, opening a bank account in Dubai is not a challenging procedure. You may create a personal bank account in the UAE even if you don’t live there, but there are restrictions on the banks you can choose from and the amenities they provide. However, this restriction is not a huge issue, as several reputable banks in the UAE provide non-resident bank accounts. Non-residents can only open savings bank accounts with most banks in the UAE. By offering bank account opening service in the UAE, Wembley makes it simpler for consumers to open bank account online in Dubai and other Emirates. Below are some ways to assist in opening a corporate bank account in Dubai. 

  • When recommending banks for account opening, we take into account a few different things, such as the client’s nationality (citizenship) and country of residence, the types of transactions involved (trading, manufacturing, real estate, investment), the volume of payment transfers, investment requirements, confidentiality, soft currency requirements, as well as language barriers when communicating with the bank.
  • We register/incorporate Offshore, Freezone, and Mainland firms with bank account opening. 
  • We frequently help our clients open bank accounts with all local and foreign banks in the United Arab Emirates. 

The process followed to open a bank account.

From one bank to another, certain conditions must be met to create a business bank account in Dubai, and our team understands it well. Below is the process we use to open a bank account for you. 

  • Obtaining a business license

The first step with which we start the process is obtaining a business license for your company. We find it the most crucial step as banks do not recognize companies without a business license as eligible to open a corporate bank account. 

  • Getting all your documents in line

The precise paperwork required varies from bank to bank when opening a bank account. Some banks may even require a business plan, details about expected company operations, contracts or invoices, a letter of recommendation from a business partner, and other supporting papers. Therefore, we begin lining up all the required documents when your company license is obtained.

  • Visa related requirements

We now verify whether stockholders of the firm are needed to get a visa for residence. Some banks need at least one shareholder’s evidence of this, while others make no such request. Therefore, whatever banks you consider applying to may depend on whether or not your stockholders have valid resident permits. To avoid further delays with your application, we learn in advance which institutions have these criteria.

  • Application filling

After selecting the right bank, the official account opening process may start. With the start of a new firm, you already have a lot on your plate, including business finance. Therefore, we ensure that opening a business or private banking account isn’t one of them and take care of everything for you to help the procedure go more smoothly.

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