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As the most trusted business setup company in Dubai, Wembley understands very well how attractive the UAE is for business people worldwide. UAE, primarily Dubai, is the business capital of the Middle East and is quickly advancing to become the world’s center for businesses. Located in the northeastern part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the economies in the world that is expanding the fastest. 

Setting up a business in Dubai or a Dubai Freezone company can be a highly profitable opportunity to generate revenue, expand worldwide, and establish a reputable brand. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large enterprise, you can take advantage of Dubai’s cutting-edge infrastructure amenities, strategic location, straightforward access to nearby markets, exceptional connectivity, and a supportive workforce to turn your entrepreneurial idea into a profitable business.

What do you get with Wembley’s business setup services in Dubai?

To enjoy all the benefits UAE offers to businesses; you just need the right team of business setup consultants in Dubai. For a hassle-free establishment in Dubai, Wembley has years of experience fostering enterprises of all sizes and various industries. Every step of the journey, from choosing the ideal location to handling the paperwork, our business professionals are here to assist you with the best business setup services.

  • We assist you in getting the most out of your budget for a Dubai offshore company formation by using a growth-focused approach. 
  • Starting a firm and promoting growth requires extensive planning and careful management. We provide that help by using a 360-degree strategy that includes licensing, locating the ideal site for your business, renewing your documents, and everything else required to set up your business in the global business hub.
  •  We make it possible for you to enter the UAE market and fiercely compete with others due to the strong cooperation we at Wembley provide you. 

With our assistance, you can locate the most dependable local sponsors on the mainland, neighborhood service providers in the free zone, and a prime spot for establishing a company. Dubai is among the best locations for business growth, but for those unfamiliar with the area, the procedures may seem challenging for company registration in Dubai. Hence, it is best to take the help of professionals to ensure that you enter the right way in the Dubai market.

How does Wembley aces in setting up businesses in the UAE?

Wembley has been in the industry for quite some time now, and we have managed to ace it with our reliable services for LLC company formation in Dubai. We take some specific steps to ensure your business has been set up correctly in the UAE. 

  • Choosing a productive location

There are a few factors we consider while choosing your company’s location. The area’s infrastructure is the first thing we consider. The next factor that helps us choose the best location for your company setup is its accessibility to the people, including employees, business partners, clients, and suppliers. With this, we ensure that your business is comfortable to reach, which is essential for any business to succeed. 

  • Deciding a suitable company structure

Based on your business activities, the Wembley team helps you decide on a suitable company structure for your business. We understand that the best structure will depend on who owns what proportion of the company’s shares, oversees its daily operations, and what kind of financial statements various departments, including yours, are required to prepare annually. Deciding on the right company structure is a crucial step; therefore, we evaluate all the necessary aspects to find the best structure for your company. 

  • Getting approval for business activities

The principal source of approval for business activities in Dubai is the Dubai Economic Department (DED). To create a business, you must have an address and pay taxes. The DED will verify that you have complied with these requirements.

Applying for a license from another agency, like Immigration and Industry, may be necessary if your business has multiple locations or engages in international trade. Several other aspects need to be fulfilled to attain permission to conduct business activities lawfully in Dubai, and this is what we help with perfectly. We get your business activities approval by ensuring all the required documents are submitted correctly. 

  • Understanding your market

We also determine your target market or clientele. The team at Wembley researches thoroughly to understand the market for your business and the clientele’s preferences. We find out what they enjoy and dislike about their lives, then use this knowledge as inspiration to start selecting everything for your business setup. We do this until there is no more room on the list of things to be improved upon, at which point we move on to something completely different, once more like our company registration services.

How to Set Up a Company in Dubai

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