Sole Representative Visa

Sole Representative Visa

We as a ‘Trusted Name for Guaranteed Success’ over a period of almost more than 15 Years in the field of migration services, having thousands of our satisfied clients from almost all the walks of society, intending to migrate to different countries, including individuals, industrialists and corporate. Along with all other visa and immigration services, now proudly offering a very special and unique visa category for their valued clients, who are looking for the permanent settlement options in United Kingdom.

This specific category under the UK-Visas and Immigration is ‘Sole Representative Visa’, which is also called as ‘Representative of an Overseas Business Visa’, which allows an overseas business or a company to send one of their key individuals as their representative to the UK.

In this era of disturbed business and uncertainty, where every prudent person is looking for a Second Passport/Nationality, if you make a comparison of all the available options around the globe for a permanent settlement in different countries, you will find that there is No better option than getting a citizenship of United Kingdom, through a business expansion there, in order to secure the future of yourself, your family and the next generations. We being an Immigration Service Provider offer you our best services and help you to reach your dreams.

We are successfully dealing with this specific category for the past many years and enjoying a 100 % visa success ratio. Many of the individuals and leading business groups are among our satisfied clients.

To elaborate further, UK-Sole Representative Visa is a category within the UK Immigration Rules, whose primary purpose is to allow an individual, being a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business to enter the UK, in order to establish a business setup, registered it within the UK as a branch or wholly owned subsidiary of a particular overseas business entity and run the business smoothly on behalf of the parent company. Precisely, this visa category is designed for the representatives (senior employees or shareholders) of an overseas business, looking to establish branch or subsidiary in the United Kingdom. However, the representative must be shareholder or a senior employee of the parent company (Having an Offshore Head Office) and in this case, the parent company will have to provide the necessary capital/investment and support to establish and operate a branch in UK. An individual can then establish a UK-branch or wholly owned subsidiary for the overseas company.

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